Welcome to Upskill Global Technologies!

Upskill Global Technologies is the most innovative Training and Recruitment Company strategically located in Bangalore, delivering classroom and online trainings across India. Upskill Global Technologies stands for professionalism and quality of service, leading the way with INNOVATIVE concepts and constantly striving for EXCELLENCE across all industry sectors. With a holistic approach built around meeting the long-term needs of both employers and staff, we provide the foundation for successful career. While we ensure that the candidates fit into the right position we make sure that the industry gets a constant inflow of quality staff.

What we focus on
Achieving ample exposure
Revolutionising the standard of learning and development
Addressing on-the-job challenges
Providing tailored training solutions
E-Learning concept
Integration of classroom face-to-face learning experiences

Team of Upskill Global Technologies.

Best Industry Experts are Trainers at Upskill Global Technologies.

we have best trainers of IT Industry on latest technologies. Our standard is to give the best possible training in industry with highly qualified trainers having practical knowledge of the subject matter and with excellent lab facility to the satisfaction of the candidates.

Trainer Hiring Process:
We look only for the trainers with relevant experience in the respective technologies. As a policy we don’t entertain trainers with zero or less practical experience.Shortlisted trainers for a specific technology are assessed for their theoretical and practical skills by the Internal Quality TeamA test class is given to a group of students and feedback is collected from the students.On full satisfaction and recommendation of the Internal Team and test students the trainer is appointed to deliver classes.

What we look for in a Trainer:
Brilliant speaking skills before an audience and ability to listen to others
Skill to give students facility to learn by active participation and action<
Flexibility and ability to easily adapt to the needs of the group
Willingness to experiment with new ideas
Ability to learn fast and to learn from your mistakes
Desire to help others to learn
Ability to give clear instructions
Ability to create an atmosphere of openness and trust within the group
Ability to plan and implement training
Regular evaluation of work and success
Ability to cope and learn when things do not go according to plan
Being organized in all aspects and precise in fulfilling tasks

Head Office

  • Door No: 1181, 2nd Floor,
  • 24th Cross, HSR Layout Sector 2,
  • Bangalore, Kanataka- 560102

Branch Locator

  • Door No: 61, 1st `A` Main,
  • S.T. Bed, Koramangala 4th Block,
  • Bengaluru, Karnataka - 560034